15% growth in the retail sector in Dubai in the first quarter

Week reinforces the status of the UAE trade globally

Officials sector retail markets, local sector grew at rates ranging between 10 and 15% during the first quarter of 2013 compared with the fourth quarter of last year, and turn growth into a package of factors that promote the emirate as one of the best retail markets performance is not at the local level only .

But at the global level as well, which includes the Dubai group of the finest and most famous shopping malls in the world comes in the forefront of the “Dubai Mall” and “Mall of the Emirates,” as well as the integrity and diversity of markets and products that suit various segments, in addition to rising per capita incomes in conjunction with the growth of consumer confidence the positive outlook for Dubai’s economy in particular and the UAE in general.


Tourism is the backbone of the momentum of the big witnessed by the retail sector in Dubai, where the tourists of various nationalities large proportion of retail sales in the emirate, and is the link between tourism and retail based on the equation of exchange, where support tourism growth in retail at a time when the retail markets of excellence in Emirate a key tourist attraction and vital.

The Majid Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Shopping Malls Group that the growth of the retail market during the quarter is estimated at 10%, a reference to the growing size of the middle-income class in conjunction with high rates of income, as well as the population growth in the region as a whole.

He pointed out that the economic recovery at high rates reflect positively on various sectors, including the retail sector, comes in the light of the generous government spending on infrastructure projects and those for facilities and services, which contributed to the infusion of new jobs for young people.


The Al Ghurair that the boom of tourism in Dubai and the UAE comes driven by the increasing tourist traffic to the country, as it contributes tankers national and foremost Emirates and the European Union as well as Air Arabia and flydubai in promoting the interdependence of the state with around the world and contribute to facilitate the arrival of tourists to the UAE as well as its role to open channels of investment and new business.

He pointed out that the retail sector in Dubai has not yet reached the stage of saturation full, but he is witnessing fierce competition between different brands of the many that are looking for growth opportunities in the markets Alamarah and take advantage of the momentum of retail them, pointing to the need to focus retail companies to innovate and search for all What is new to enhance their competitiveness in the market.


For his part as Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Madani, Chairman and Executive Director of the Civil Group of Companies growth of the retail sector in Dubai during the first quarter of this year, including between 10 and 15%.

Pointing out that the growth comes the payment of the package events varied in the forefront of the Dubai Shopping Festival in conjunction with the holiday season in the neighboring countries, which boosted flocked Visitors Gulf for the enjoyment of what Dubai has to offer from the excellent services and ambience shopping and entertainment upscale Ngném visit the views of regional and global other.

The civil that the continued growth of tourism in Dubai is a key factor in supporting the rates of demand and sales in the retail sector and shopping malls in the emirate, pointing out that the tourists have come to find in Dubai everything they are looking for products and services in the shopping environment integrated unique.

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